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Residential Mortgages

ProductMortgage RateMonthly Payment
CMB Quick Closing Approvals
5 yr CMB Quick Close 10 - 30 Days2.49 %$394.60
1 yr CMB Easy Money 2 - 10 Days3.49 % +$448.49
CMB Bigger Mortgage Discounts
5 yr CMB Bulk over $ 400,000 2.24 %$381.74
5 yr CMB Jumbo Fixed over $ 500,0002.82 %$411.96
5 yr CMB Jumbo Fixed over $ 600,0002.77 %$409.30
5 yr CMB Jumbo Fixed over $ 750,0002.68 %$404.54
5 yr CMB Jumbo Fixed over $ 1 Million2.25 %$382.25
CMB Easier Mortgage Approvals
1 yr CMB Easy Money First Mortgage3.49 %$447.37
2 yr CMB Easy Money First Mortgagefrom 3.49 % APR$448.49
3 yr CMB Easy Money Fixed Mortgage2.49 %$394.60
1 yr CMB Easy Money Second Mortgagefrom 8.99 % APR$733.07

Commercial Mortgages

ProductMortgage RateMonthly Payment
Competitive Series Commercial - Great Rates & Term Financing ICI
2 yr CMB Premier ICI3.57 %$451.49
3 yr CMB Premier ICI3.71 %$459.25
5 yr CMB Premier ICI4.21 %$487.48
10 yr CMB Premier ICI4.95 %$530.72
Achiever Series Commercial - Hard to Approve Equity Financing
1 yr Equity Redevelop5.50 %$563.91
3 yr Equity Redevelop8.50 %$758.55
Open Equity Construction6.00 %$594.83
Date: 10/19/2019

What is Mortgage Rates Canada ?
Mortgage rates Canada is a non-profit website managed by a licensed Canadian mortgage broker. The residential and commercial mortgage rates are listed from lowest to highest from our suppliers.  We compare  mortgage rates from Canadian banks, mortgage brokers, credit unions, trust companies, .

Who can help me with a mortgage approval ?
The mortgages can be approved by C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc. and this brokerage is licensed in Ontairo, British Columbia, Alberta, and has Co-broker arrangements in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador. In other provinces a referral is made to our co-broker partners from Verico, Mortgage Alliance, True North Mortgage, and Dominion Lending.

Do companies listing these rates pay to be listed on Mortgage Rates Canada ?
No. Mortgage Rates Canada does not collect any fees from any of the banks, credit unions, insurance, mortgage broker, mortgage agent shown on this site. We are a non-profit site looking to help borrowers find the best rates and information all in one place. Since Mortgage Rates Canada is operated by a government licensed mortgage brokerage, it offers many benefits and protection to the Canadian borrowers. As a matter of fair play C.M.B. Canada Mortgage Brokers Inc. and it’s competitor’s rates are listed by the lowest rate with no preference to any one source.

Are these the Best Mortgage Rates ?
Yes. Mortgage Rates Canada lists only the lowest mortgage rates in Canada. The Canadian mortgage rates listed on this site help borrowers save money, but we try to connect borrowers with reputable and properly licensed mortgage mortgage brokers. We want to list only the most trusted names in the mortgage industry here. If you need a referral just contact us here or select the link to the product to be sent to the website of the mortgage rate provider.

What type of mortgage can I find at mortgage rates Canada ?
Residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, best mortgage rates for borrowers that can meet  most lender rules, hard to approve mortgages for borrowers that have a hard time getting a mortgage approval, and unique type of properties.

Why use this site to compare the best mortgage rates ?

Mortgage Rate sites like Ratehub, Kanetix, Cannex, and Mortgage rates Canada are the best places to locate the best mortgage rates available. Mortgage rates Canada  compares mortgage broker rates, bank mortgage rates, Credit Unions, Trust Companies, Insurance Mortgage Lenders, and MonoLine Lenders, Kanetix, Ratehub, and Cannex right here on our website. See our mortgage rates section and our best selling mortgages section to help you look at your options.

Q. Do you have mortgage calculators to help me work out my mortgage payments ?

Yes. Mortgage payment calculators are very important to help you afford your monthly payments, but don’t forget to complete a budget. What’s more important: the best rate or a low monthly payment ? The correct answer is both are important, but if you can’t afford your payments you may risk losing your property.  Your mortgage agents will help you review the mortgage options and customize a free mortgage quote. Mortgage rates Canada will be happy to introduce you to a mortgage agent, to help you understand the options and pick the mortgage best suited for your unique needs.